How does it work?

Easy-peasy! We’ve tried very hard to make sure it’s as easy as possible for you! We simplified the process to a few simple steps:

  • Upload your GEDCOM file
  • Answer a few simple questions about how you’d like your information formatted
  • Review the imported information (in some cases, we may have had to interpret things, or may have made adjustments to capitalization, so this is an important step!)
  • Review and approve a preview of your chart

That’s it! Just complete the checkout process and you’ll have your chart in just a few days!

What is a GEDCOM File?

A GEDCOM file is an industry standard file format that all major genealogical software companies use to store your family tree information. If you have created a family tree with any of the major companies, you should be able to get a copy of your GEDCOM file. If you’re unsure about how to get a copy of your GEDCOM file, click on the FAQ answer below this one.

How do I get my GEDCOM file?

Each company will have a different process for getting a copy of your GEDCOM file. But it’s a relatively simple process no matter who it is. To help you on your way here are some links that may help you:

For instructions to download a GEDCOM file from Ancestry, CLICK HERE.

Other software
While every software package operates differently, and we encourage you to refer to your software’s user manual or online help, most follow roughly the same process:

  • Under the FILE dropdown menu, select “Save As” or “Export”
  • Select a place on your hard drive that will be easy for you to find later
  • Click on the correct option for the file format (either GED or GEDCOM)
  • Click SAVE or EXPORT
  • Once completed, you should be able to navigate to the location on your computer where you saved the file. This is the file you’ll need to upload to GedTree.
What is the quality of the prints?

We use ultra white super heavyweight matte paper and archival quality pigment-based inks to ensure the highest possible quality for your prints.  

How is my print packaged and shipped?

We’re pretty proud of our packaging. We love our charts and want to be sure that nothing happens to them from the time they leave our shop, to the time they’re hanging proudly on your wall. Each print is packaged in a 1.5 mil plastic (poly) bag. Each bagged print is then gently placed in a sturdy shipping tube, which is then nestled snugly inside a triangular shipping “tube” to ensure that we have done everything possible to protect your print from damage. Of course, if your print does arrive damaged, please let us know and we’ll get a replacement out to you right away!  

Is the preview an accurate representation of what I'll receive?

Yes, the preview should be a highly-accurate representation of your print. Of course things like monitor colors may vary, but the placement of text, the content, and the page layout should all be extremely accurate. If it doesn’t look right on the preview, it won’t look right on the print.  

Do you sell framed prints?

We would LOVE to sell framed prints. We love our prints and want them to hold a place of honor on the wall in your home. But, shipping a giant framed print is no small task and we want to be confident that we can ensure the safe delivery of a framed print every. single. time. So far, we haven’t found a reliable way to ship framed prints in a cost-effective manner. For now, we recommend you check out your nearest art supply store for framing and matting options. But rest assured that when we find a good solution, we’ll make it part of our product lineup! 

How do I use a coupon code?

You should see a small link at the top of the checkout page that allows you to use a coupon code when ordering. Click on that link and enter your code. Ya know… when you save money like that, you probably should use the savings to buy another GedTree family tree print!  

Is the site secure?

Absolutely. The entire site uses secure protocols and we have aggressively pursued a stronger-than-normal security setup so you can be confident in your shopping experience.  

Do you save my credit card information?

Nope! Your credit card information never touches our server. We use a reliable and proven service for our credit transactions that provides a direct connection between you and our credit card processor. It’s the safest possible way for us to provide a simple method of checkout while still making the transaction smooth and easy for you.  

What are the FREE xDNA charts?

An xDNA chart is a tool that genetic genealogists use to track possible relationships along very specific paths of inheritance. Only certain family members will inherit xDNA and that path provides a useful tool in analyzing DNA matches on the x chromosome. For more information on how to use xDNA for genealogical research, feel free to check out Blaine Bettinger’s excellent blog post on the subject.